ViFaOst Startseite Ostdok Startseite Russland, Wolgograd, Statue Rodina mat' (dt. 'Mutter Heimat') Russland, Rostow Welikij, Portal der Kirche Cerkov' Sretenija nad vodnymi vorotamy im Kloster Monastyr' Borisoglebskij Polen, Warschau, modernes Gebäude Plakat 'Russische Revolution' Ausschnitt aus einer mittelalterlichen glagolitischen Handschrift Bosnien und Herzegowina, Mostar, Ausschnitt der die Neretva überspannenden Alten Brücke (Stari Most) Tschechien, Prag, Rathausuhr Russland, St. Petersburg, Erlöser-Kathedrale Spas na krovi W. Tatlin, Monument zur Dritten Internationale (1919) (Ausschnitt) ViFaOst
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The Digital Library for Eastern Euroe has taken it upon itself to publish works from the currect body of research into Eastern Europe in digital form and thereby create a swift and inexpensive alternative to conventional publication, all the while maintaining rigorous academic standards.

The language and culture series encompasses East European literary criticism and linguistics, together with the associated methodological and historical aspects. 
Particular emphasis will be placed on cultural studies because of its interdisciplinary potential.

As regards to content and themes, the history series focusses on both  East European history and cultural history, but, from the start, attempts have been made to put interdisciplinary approaches into practice. For that reason, works that incorporate history of art and philosophy or examine the history of Eastern Europe from such perspectives are also welcome.  In general, the East European field should be examined as thoroughly as possible from both a temporal and regional point of view.  



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