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Project description

Virtual Library Eastern Europe - The Portal for East European Studies

ViFaOst is an interdisciplinary portal that offers the academic community a wide range of information on the field of East European Studies. Comprehensive search possibilities enable access to specialized academic information on history, language, literature, politics, information science and culture of East, Central East and South East European countries and historical regions. All contents are academically relevant and are catalogued according to international library standards. All contents and services are free of charge.


A range of internet services offers various access possibilities to relevant printed and electronic publi-cations worldwide: catalogues of selected libraries, recent acquisitions and current contents services, article and specialist databases as well as an extensive catalogue of valuable internet resources. The services are linked to all available information resources, so that users are directly lead to the full text versions of their content, whether electronic or printed.

Full Text Services present current research studies and articles in the field of East European Studies published in two online-series. Books, journals and works of reference are offered in digital form as full texts. Various data-bases provide direct access to annotated sources and materials.

Other Services inform about institutions and researchers. Current dissertations and research projects are presented, a calendar of events informs about scientific conferences.

Technical Information

Simultaneous search in various databases:

All databases can be searched simultaneously with a single search request.  Requests can be saved and repeated later, a personal list of favourites enables repeated access to titles previously found. Some databases allow direct access to full texts or to lending and document delivery services.

Language and character display:

By using the universal Unicode character set all East European languages and characters can be both displayed and searched for. The website itself is presented in German, Russian and English.


The Bavarian State Library (BSB) holds nearly one million printed copies in its East European collection and is one of the largest scientific libraries in German speaking countries. The BSB acquires printed literature and electronic media on a large scale from and about all East, Central East and South East European countries and is part of the framework of the special subject fields programme run by German Research Foundation (DFG). Main focus of the East European collection is history (including social and economic history), politics, anthropogeography and regional geography, general and higher education, journalism, scientific institutions, bibliology and librarianship, music and Byzantium.

The Department for East and South East European History at the Historical Seminar of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich focuses on East, Central East and South East European history of the 19th and 20th century.

The Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS) in Regensburg has a historucal and economic field of research.  It maintains an extenstive reference library, numerous online databases and several journals

The Herder-Institut in Marburg is one of the most important German institutions in the field of historical research on Central Eastern Europe. Its library and various collections of pictures, maps and documents function as a major academic research and service institution.

Goettingen State and University Library (SUB), one of the most important German libraries with numerous special subject collections, takes care on behalf of the German Research Foundation of the special collection “Hungary” (as well as Finnougristics; Finland; Estonian philology and folklore) since 1951. Within the scope of the special collection “Hungary” the SUB purchases literature of academic relevance world-wide and extensively. The subject areas include language, literature, folklore, history (also comprising social and economic history), politics, constitutional matters, administration, publications about political parties, trade-unions and similar associations, human and regional geography.


The Virtual Library Eastern Europe is a cooperative project, constantly integrating further contents and other partners in the field of East European Studies.

ViFaOst is online since 06/2003. Its contents and functions are constantly updated.


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