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Image databases on Eastern Europe

Databases of the Bavarian State Library's image archive, including material related to Eastern Europe

Assorted image collections are being made accessible via the Bavarian State Library's image archive databases. With regards to Eastern Europe, four databases are of particular importance:

  • The photo archive of Heinrich Hoffmann (1885-1957), who acted amongst other things as "Hitler's photographer" and as a war correspondent during the Second World War, comprises images that were taken over a period spanning the Weimar Republic and well into the post-war years. Countless shots of the German invasion, of theatres of war and of combatants originated in Eastern Europe. Besides this, one can also find portraits of figures from public life pertaining to many countries and eras. 
  • Although the photographer Georg Fruhstorfer (1915-2003) mainly captured images of events in Munich, the collection also for example includes almost 250 shots from Albania.
  • The collection of portraits and topographical views consists primarily of sheets produced using original graphic techniques. Alongside portraits of scholars, musicians, men of letters, actors and regents from the 16th to 20th are also views of cities and important buildings, many of which are of relevance to the study of Eastern Europe.
  • Academic, cultural and public life in the city of Munich takes centre stage in the work of the photographer Felicitas Timpe (1923-2006). However, the photo archive also encompasses images of all manner of East European artists, including writers and dancers.


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The databases of the image archive are being steadily added to, wherever the consituent holdings have not yet been fully indexed. Searches can be carried out in a number of ways, including via key words or with library codes for groups of related images. The library codes can be found either in a code catalogue or in the search interface contained within the information text of each individual database.

Further information about all of the collections included, the presentation of images and the conditions of use is available here.


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