ViFaOst Startseite Ostdok Startseite Russland, Wolgograd, Statue Rodina mat' (dt. 'Mutter Heimat') Russland, Rostow Welikij, Portal der Kirche Cerkov' Sretenija nad vodnymi vorotamy im Kloster Monastyr' Borisoglebskij Polen, Warschau, modernes Gebäude Plakat 'Russische Revolution' Ausschnitt aus einer mittelalterlichen glagolitischen Handschrift Bosnien und Herzegowina, Mostar, Ausschnitt der die Neretva überspannenden Alten Brücke (Stari Most) Tschechien, Prag, Rathausuhr Russland, St. Petersburg, Erlöser-Kathedrale Spas na krovi W. Tatlin, Monument zur Dritten Internationale (1919) (Ausschnitt) ViFaOst
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Further information

The bibliography was transformed at the start of 2008 into a modern and freely accessible internet database by the team responsible for the Virtual Library for Slavonic Studies (Slavisitik Portal) and is now hosted by the Berlin State Library. The work carried out focussed on the bringing together of two hetrogenous datablocks to form a single database, the reintroduction of East European special characters, the conversion of the classification system into subject headings and the creation of a user-friendly web interface. Alongside modern search and browsing facilities such as both quick and advanced search options, the EBSEES now boasts a SRU interface (Search and Retrieval via URL), facilitating direct access to meta-search engines. Moreover, the COinS interface (Context Objects in Spans) allows for easy data transfer across to reference management software (e.g. "Zotero") and enables users to make availability enquires in numerous OPACs (e.g. via the "OpenURL Referrer").  

As of 1996, German-language monographies are no longer listed because they can be found in the catalogues of the German Library in Frankfurt am Main.


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